I plan at least one minor release each month to get a steady and fast turning release schedule.
The version naming follows the standard open source schema. That means the first number indicates a major release, second number indicates a minor release and the last number is for bugfix releases.

Next Minor Release

There are a lot features that I like to include into minor releases. But so far I do not know in which order they will appear.
  • General: Template support for editor and graph matching
  • Source Code Editor: refactoring support, code generation
  • Graph View: moveable nodes, different layouts
  • Game Tree: player dependent tree view, more clear design


This release will happen if I think the editor is mature enough to be called 1.0.0. So far there are no other constraints on this version number.


The editor will become a real IDE and be provided as a standalone application based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Eclipse-RCP).