What is Palamedes?

Palamedes is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Game Description Language (GDL) development, making Eclipse a first class GDL IDE. It comes with many goodies such as syntax highlighting, knowledge base analysis, debug and many other. If you want more details on the provided features, you can check them here.


New BasicPlayer available (09.10.2009)

The BasicPlayer is a rudimentary player that can be used by starters to write their own player implementation. From now on it is available via CVS and as archive at the website (see in download section).

New Release: 0.6.1

  • UI: New GGP Perspective
  • GDL Core: Factory cleanup
  • Connection: Refactored PlayerServer support for easier Player creation.

Previous Release: 0.6.0

Major Highlights:

  • Abstract Syntax Tree: Support for source code comments and accessing node content.
  • Knowledge Base: Refactored Entries for cleaner interface
  • Game Model: Some cleanup
  • Connection: Refactored Player support for easier Player creation.

Previous Bugfix Release: 0.5.1

  • Simulator: Fixed disappearing fluents due to wrong move selection in strategy.

Previous Release: 0.5.0

Major Highlights:

  • New Game Simulator: Support for Game Simulation
  • Simulation Strategies: Basic example of a strategy implementation.
  • New Statistic View: New Reasoner Benchmarking Support
  • Game Model: Now IMove is used instead of IMoveList
  • Game Model: Game class now tries to recognize the max number of steps.
  • Game Model Utils: New classes for easier reasoner adaptation.
  • Game State View: Shows Positive/Negative Effects

Known Issues:

  • Simulator: The default reasoner (Jocular) can not read GDL source code with special characters (e.g. +). In this case no simulation setting UI is shown. And of course the game can not be simulated.
  • Simulator: In some games you can see that the state fluents disappear. If so the game simulation is screwed.

Previous Release: 0.4.0

First public release. Get the feature overview here