Palamedes is splitted into 3 distinct Eclipse Plug-Ins. Since the Core Plug-Ins can be used as standalone packages the features are described separatly.

UI Plug-In

  • Source Code Editor
  • Rule Graphs
  • Game Tree
  • Syntax Highlighting (*.kif, *.lisp)
  • Outline View
  • Knowledge Base View
  • Game State View
  • Game Simulator UI
  • GGP Perspective

GDL Core Plug-In

  • GDL Knowledge Base with game syntax analyser
  • Interface based model for general game components
  • Reasoner Stubs for Jocular-0.2, JavaProver, PrologProver
  • Reasoner Benchmarking Support
  • Game Simulation Support

KIF Core Plug-In

  • KIF Parser for the GDL relevant subset of the KIF grammar.
  • KIF Knowledge Base with sentence analyser
  • Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) visitor support